Larue Walker (aka Deborah Garris) was born in the small town of Elkin, North Carolina in The Blue Ridge Mountains. As a small child her family moved to Richmond, Virginia where she stayed until her teens before moving onto Lexington, N.C. to live with her aunt and uncle. Music was in Larue's blood. Her grandmother and her grandmother's sister made history by being the first women to record mountain music, which has been preserved in the archives of the North Carolina State University. Her dad and uncles were bluegrass musicians as well. Her uncles gained local fame playing live on local radio stations. Larue followed in the footsteps of her family and started playing the guitar at the age of nine. " I wanted to play lead guitar. Although I didn't appreciate bluegrass back then, it has been a part of my life and I'm proud of my roots." (Larue)
Larue spent 3 years in the military, and by the age of 28 she had become
a successful businesswoman. "I was happy with my work, but music is where my heart has always been." (Larue) In 1988 Larue released her first album titled "The Garris Project." It contained 12 original songs and it got a lot of air time in several cities in the U.S. and overseas. In 1994 Larue was asked to write songs for the play "Lunacy" which was written and produced by Paul Bonin. Hence, the album "Do You Think About Me" was released. It contained 9 original songs and was played in every major city in America. The album and the play were nominated for Golden Globe Awards.
In 2001 Deb decided to change her name to Larue Walker. "My family and friends and especially my father hated that name, but I feel it's perfect for writing and for stage work. It let's me be creative without disturbing my personal life, and besides that, it's colorful and fun." (Larue) A major influence on Larue has always been Joan Armatrading. "I've known her for many years and I've learned a lot from her. She's kept me focused, and I've been lucky to have her insight in many of my choices through the years. She is a lady and I've always been proud to know her. Joan is a true inspiration, from her lyrics to the way she delivers a song." (Larue) Larue is out these days performing her new CD "Let's Go Away". It contains 12 origional songs. This collection of songs is a change in direction for Larue as an artist and producer. "I wanted some of the songs to be raw and
not over-produced, so that people will know what I sound like live, without the band." (Larue)
A new CD is already in progress and should be released in 2007. In this time of confusion in our world, it's a pleasure to hear an artist who knows what she wants and seems to know the meaning of her life as she has lived it. "Love and fear are the threads that hold us together and tear us apart." (Larue) Her music will take you to a place where smiles and tears have blended to form memories that we all have. "No one will ever love you more than I do. No one will ever give you more than I have. Listen to my words and music and then, tell me I was never there." (Larue)
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